DOOM Trophies And An Easter Egg

ID Software’s reboot of DOOM is coming, and there is a lot of information available to us about this modern reworking of a shooter classic that even I have played. First up, the trophy list for the new Doom has been revealed. The trophy names include many references to the game’s PC ancestor, such as the IPXSETUP.EXE trophy for winning a multi-player deathmatch

Hatsune Miku Is Arriving A Little Earlier Than Expected.

Hatsune Miku (more commonly known in the west as Miku Hatsune) has a large following inside Japan, throughout Asia and increasingly in the West also. So it’s no surprise that SEGA is bringing Miku’s latest and greatest game to PS4 and PS Vita throughout the world. Project Diva X will arrivea little earlier than originally expected on August 30th this year.

Ben’s Week In Review: May 1

We start a new month and as you all know by now, a new chapter in life for yours truly. As I said in that farewell piece, I’ll still try to do the Week in Review but it’ll be more like an extended gaming update, as I won’t be following news as much. So, just a few notes from me: Games I Want…Badly I’m not interested in the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided special editions (I rarely care about collectible stuff), but this is undoubtedly one of my most anticipated titles of 2016

Battlefield 5 Will Be Unveiled This Week

Ready for the next Battlefield? Rumors were spreading about a rapidly approaching unveiling event for the new franchise entry, and now it’s official. This event page for the Battlefield 5 world premiere has launched and as you can see, that event is nigh: On May 6 at 4 PM ET/9 PM BST,” EA will give gamers “a first look at the future of Battlefield on Twitch.